Audience Segmentation

Why you need audience segmentation 

Targeting your entire market takes time, budget, and effort. When you apply audience segmentation you create focus for growth. Common segmentation criteria include age, gender, income, geography, interests, affinities, connections, location, buying, and online behavior. By creating segments you optimize targeting and advertising budgets. You can tailor your brand, channel mix and messaging to specific groups and improve chances to grow faster and smarter. 

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You will get this output:


Audience research (location, demo, social)

Audience insights relevant to your brand

Audience segmentation plan for your marketing strategy

What's included:

1. Research and data mining 
  • Review demographic data such as; race, age, gender, family, religion, and location

  • Gather location data on where your customers work, live, and travel

  • Tap into socio-economic data such as education, social class, income, and profession

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