You don't need to start a Facebook page or advertise on LinkedIn to be successful online. Start with community management and be present where your target audience engages online. Think Facebook groups, Twitter hashtags, Google Reviews, Amazon, or LinkedIn posts. 
Playing an active role in your online communities can be quite time-consuming. Work with a part-time community manager who knows where to find your audience, how to engage best, and grow your online visibility.

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Community Management

Why you need Community Management


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You’ll be getting:


Analysis of communities used by your audience


List of 10 groups/websites to engage in 


Daily engagement and awareness building in communities


Tracking of brand keywords and industry trends

What's included in this service:

1. Discover communities

• Review audience research, KPIs, and social channels

• Research relevant online communities

• Create a list of 10 groups/sites to engage in

• Fill out community management template

• Set up brand trackers and social listening