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Subscription Workforce

See how 150birds is disrupting the global knowledge economy.

For the last three decades, companies have had three choices when building their workforce. Hire an employee, partner with an agency, or outsource to a freelancer. Around 2010, a handful of new companies, like Uber and InstaCart, pioneered the marketplace, also known as the gig economy.

But these options left a lot to be desired, leaving room for a fifth option to emerge – The Subscription Workforce.

A New Concept Emerges

What Is A Subscription Workforce?

In 2020, the new workforce procurement model emerged when 150birds Founder and CEO Rick Koletavitoglu envisioned a Subscription Workforce that would allow company owners to break free of traditional contracts and outsource marketing help with minimal risk. He created 150birds to revolutionize the accessibility of a marketing team for businesses and create stable, thriving work for marketers.

Hire an employee

Pick up an agency

Find a freelancer


Hire through a marketplace


Subscription workforce

From Our Founder

As a former marketing consultant and as someone who has built and managed marketing teams throughout the first golden age of marketing technologies in the last ten years, I have learned a few things: 

  • There is a growing number of online tools and channels, and it requires a team with complementary skills to provide an end-to-end marketing program. 

  • It would be best to have specialists for every new channel, but these can be hard to find and manage through generic marketplaces. 

  • While agencies are reliable to work with, output lacks transparency, and fees don't add up. The incentive structure leads to misalignment in team objectives, which is not a sustainable working relationship. ​​

I founded 150birds to take the headache out of your day so that you can get back to focusing on your business. Finally, a simple, affordable solution that helps companies grow.


Rick Koletavitoglu

Founder & CEO 

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