Mobile, social media, and online gave us so many touchpoints, but reaching your customer can be challenging. Your teams might focus on the wrong channels, not understanding the gaps in the journey.  Create a customer journey map to visualize the user experience in and across your channels. 

In many cases, marketing, sales, customer service teams could work a lot better together. A customer journey will bring your team around one purpose: seamlessly get consumers to the moment of purchase. 
This is a strategic package and a must-have for e-commerce sites, platforms, and companies combining clicks and bricks. 

Customer Journey.png

Customer Journey

Why you need a Customer Journey


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You’ll be getting:


Marketing strategy review, create sales and customer goals

SWOT analysis of the customer journey for three competitors

Map customer journey across 3 channels


Implementation plan for changes to the customer journey

What's included in this service:

1. Audit & Organization
  • Review your strategic plan and company goals

  • Dive into your marketing, customer service, and sales goals

  • If available, review you audit segmentation, channel mix, analytics, and customer insights


We recommend getting these services done before this one:



Audience Segmentation

Value proposition.png

Value Proposition

Once you are done with this package, we recommend these as a follow-up:

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Social Media Strategy

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Content Strategy

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