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We find clients and post projects. You can sort through open projects and click to apply to teams you’re interested in. Our AI builds teams from the applicant pool based on experience, past projects, reputation score and more. You find out within 48 hours which projects you’ve been selected for.

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Frequently asked questions

How is 150birds different from an agency?

Marketing agencies over-hire generalists, leading to inflated rates, limited ability to adopt new market trends, agencies hiring their own freelancers, marking up costs, and general lack of specialization expertise. In response, many brands hire an array of specialized agencies with the intention of higher quality work and cost efficiencies. At best, this often plays out as decent project-based work done in silos, leading to an inconsistent marketing message, unforeseen fees, and below-average funnel conversion rates. 150birds is a marketing platform that provides a holistic marketing strategy, team management, and service-specific expertise. We’ve developed a network of vetted specialists who each execute one service specialty for our clients, ensuring you truly get to work with the best. Our in-house strategists manage and report on these specialists so you can actually get to that ever-growing to-do list. We work with you to develop the right strategy to ensure a custom 150birds flock is curated for what you need, adding or subtracting solutions with agility as future needs change.

Who are 150birds Strategists?

150birds Strategists make up the core of our very lean in-house team, coming to us with experience running full-spectrum marketing for brands such as Motley Fool, JP Morgan, Tai Lopez, Dropbox, and other innovative companies. These strategists are experts at analyzing your business needs, managing the projects with precision, and offering reporting and analysis on progress. Just as important as their brand and agency experience, each strategist brings with them an intellectual curiosity and honest desire to maintain an effective edge on the ever-changing marketing technologies landscape. 150birds Strategists have paid time to read, take courses, and go to conferences so they can always keep an edge and continue improving. They become an integral piece of your marketing team because they care about keeping your brand innovative and growing.

How do I negotiate my rates and get paid?

Platforms like MarketerHire and Upwork provide clients for small tasks and quick projects. And finding great long-term clients requires a sales process, advertising dollars, and a great deal of time. At 150birds, we believe to have a solution that allows clients, freelancers, and our team to all mutually succeed. Instead of simply being a freelancer marketplace, our operations team matches pre-signed clients with a distributed team of freelancers that match the working style, company type, and ideal budget of the project. The entire system is then managed day-to-day by the client's 150birds Strategist, so you no longer have to worry about the ups and downs of client management. It's that simple. The 150birds operations team will inquire about a project, and if you'd like to work on it, you simply invoice 150birds for your usual payment amount, and we pay you minus a fee to ensure our wheels keep turning here. The client avoids an agency crippling their marketing budgets through mark-ups, and we can all be transparent and honest about our costs and billing. It's a win-win-win.

Can I work on other projects while working with 150birds clients?

Of course, you're a freelancer! You can work on anything, work from anywhere, and work however you'd like as long as fantastic work is done for the client. Communication, friendliness, mutual support, and honesty are all important aspects of being a great team member; if you can do all of that while producing great work - we don't care what else you do.

Can I speak to and work directly with the client?

When you're working on a distributed 150birds team, you're not a hidden, mysterious white-label contractor. The clients know who you are, and are available to chat whenever necessary. However, with a 150birds Strategist taking on the day-to-day management of the client, you don't have to speak to them directly when it's not needed. 150birds is transparent and honest, so if you'd like to speak directly to the client, be our guest.

What kind of clients does 150birds work with?

Because 150birds is not an agency with one narrow specialty, there isn't one single type of client that we work with. Instead, we work with well-funded companies across industries, and work to match you with the exact type and size of client that you like to work with. The main thread connecting all of 150birds clients: it tends to be consistent, long-term work on a distributed marketing team with well-funded organizations willing to leave their outdated agency to test out something new.

How do I get started?

150birds isn't an impersonal platform run by bots. We believe the best marketing is a deeply human craft, and so we'd love to meet you and understand your experience, specialties, and working style. This helps us bring you clients that actually fit. Schedule an e-meet with our operations team by clicking here!