How it works

Zero learning curve

Our team will craft a custom marketing plan for you or purchase any one of our standalone service packages. Use our platform to track project progress, collaborate with your team, make new project requests, receive unlimited strategic guidance, and explore new ways to grow your business.

Chat with an expert

We start by learning your objectives and crafting a custom marketing plan

As soon as you get started, you’ll meet your account manager. He'll work with you to understand your needs and make sure they're being translated into the marketing plan. During the onboarding, you'll work together to define the ideal strategy and marketing plan for your business. 

  • Personal Onboarding
  • Dedicated Team
  • Custom Strategy
  • Monthly Checkpoint

Tailored to you

A team curated to meet the marketing needs of your business

After we finalize your marketing plan, we recruit the appropriate specialists to create your optimal team. A meet and greet is set up with your team, and then you kick things off. You can view each members' profile and what they'll be working on. 

  • Meet & Greet
  • Request projects
  • Team Profiles
  • Feedback Loop

Everything in one place

Automate your marketing

We've removed the hassle of working with multiple people across multiple platforms and channels. Stay updated with everything that’s going on with your team on our platform.

  • View calendar
  • Milestones
  • Track progress
  • Team leads

Facilitate Collaboration

Communicate with your team

Chat with your team in real-time wherever you are in the world. Schedule weekly update calls and conferences to get everyone on the same page. Build a team culture that will make everyone proud to be on your team.

  • Schedule calls
  • Video Conference
  • Chat anytime
  • Team culture

Marketing is a process 

Learn as you go and iterate

Let us run the experiments necessary to learn what works best for your business. You give us the nod and we’ll run AB tests to learn which channel is performing best. Then we can adjust the spend for those channels. Provide feedback about your team to help us improve.  

Put your marketing on autopilot

Your 150birds team is an extension of your internal team. Our members collaborate with their team using a few scheduled meetings while utilizing our cloud-based software. 
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