150birds Named Top Startup

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

The Startup Pill has kindly featured us in their article, “Best and Most Innovative Startups founded in San Francisco in 2020.” Their article showcases top startups based in San Francisco.

150birds provides an all-in-one platform where small businesses can manage their marketing program, monitor projects, and communicate with their marketing team. Our clients will have access to their team from anywhere, and any time. The 150birds platform enables asynchronous communication between marketing team members and clients, so everyone can work on their own time.

Here at 150birds, we help businesses grow by providing them with cost-efficient and flexible models! We focus on using data-driven matching to ensure that our clients will receive the most optimal team of marketing talent based on their goals and budget. Our clients will only be paying for what they use; clients won’t need to worry about extra overhead costs or paying for idle hours.

150birds is flexible because as the needs of a business change, we can always accommodate at no extra cost. We’ll cater to the needs of each business, and get them set up with a team within 72 hours. We build trusted, on-demand marketing teams!

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