25 Ways to Level Up Your Marketing

Updated: Nov 2, 2021


How can I market specifically to people in my delivery radius?

  • There is a great targeting option called GEO Fencing, which allows you to limit your digital ad placements to specific locations. This will help keep your ad spend lower and increase your ROI (return on investment).

What can I do to promote my new menu?

  • New menu items are a great form of content for social media! Take some glamour shots of each new dish and make scheduled posts so that your audience can see what’s new at your restaurant.

How can I get people to post their meals on my Social Media?

  • People can’t post their images directly onto your social media platform, but they can @ your business. Make sure that your social media handles are readily accessible at each table so that when your guests inevitably take pictures of their meal they know who to tag.

Is there a reason I want my guest’s email addresses?

  • Right now with COVID-19 there is a health and safety benefit to having your guest’s emails, you can reach out to your guests if there is a confirmed case of the disease in your restaurant. In non-pandemic times it is still a good idea to have your guests make reservations using their emails. This way when you come out with new menu items or are having a promotion, you can email people who have been to your restaurant before and let them know.

How can we increase our weekday traffic?

  • Lots of restaurants have major lulls in traffic during weekdays. If you’re not in a business sector it can be quite difficult to get lunchtime regulars throughout the week. With more people working from home now though it is a great opportunity to increase your digital marketing to tell people that you are open and offering takeout/ delivery services.

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What is the best way to increase foot traffic to my store?

  • Foot traffic is a hard nut to crack, and the solutions to it can vary greatly depending on where your business is located. One surefire way to get people more interested in your store is by having unique and enticing product displays in your store windows.

How should I advertise a new sale?

  • A sale is something that will grab every consumer’s attention. Everyone loves a good deal. If your store is offering a sale on products you should plaster it over all your social media accounts, email it to everyone on your books, and run ads throughout your local area detailing your offers.

Who is the most important customer to market to?

  • For some businesses customer retention is of uppermost importance, and while it is still essential to retail businesses it is not your number one priority. Retailers should focus on acquiring new customers through strategic ad placements and SEO tactics.

Is there a way to predict the next shopping trend?

  • Every advertiser wants to know what the next big thing will be. Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee what the next trend is. The best thing you can do is keep your ear to the ground across multiple social media platforms and try to catch the next wave while it is still forming.

What does branding have to do with my store?

  • Branding is a key component to every business trying to market themselves, not just retailers. If your store has a strong brand image, then your customers will have an easier time remembering you. If they can remember you then they will be more likely to shop at your store again.

Subscription Services

How can I reach new customers?

  • New customers are the best way to grow your business, for subscription services they are incredibly important. To reach new customers you should send out advertisements through a broad range of platforms. Promote your service on social media, buy television and YouTube slots, and try to get into relevant magazines.

What should I do to get people talking about us?

  • Word of Mouth is one of the most effective ways to sell a product or service. It is also one of the most difficult methods to synthetically achieve. Studies have shown that Podcast listeners liken the advice given by the hosts to advice that one receives from a close friend. So if you’re having difficulty cultivating Word of Mouth, podcasts are an excellent fallback.

Is an Annual Plan too long of a commitment?

  • Annual Plans can be considered to some as a High Risk purchase. They can be expensive, and if a customer is new they might be driven away from making such a big investment. It is wise to offer Monthly and Quarterly subscription options as well as Annual Plans. This way people don’t feel like they are buying into something that they might regret. If you want to increase your amount of Annual Plan subscriptions perhaps try implementing a tiered subscription model where the price of your Annual Plan is lower than 12x your Monthly plan.

Why are my customers not renewing their subscription?

  • If your subscription is not automatically renewed at the end of each contract, then you might consider changing that. Putting the burden on your customers to continue their subscription will often drive them away. If you already have automatic renewals in place and are still losing subscribers, then reach out to some of those who have left and ask them why.

How can I determine my primary audience?

  • Determining your Primary Audience is an essential step in forming an effective marketing strategy. Some of the best ways to do this are monitoring your sales and where those leads came from. By tracking your consumers’ journey you can figure out who your top clients are and model your Primary Audience off of them.


What is the best way to reach Business Owners?

  • B2B is a highly established form of marketing with a whole slew of tactics to use. If we’re talking basics then a good place to start is with email marketing, and promoting your business on LinkedIn.

How can I increase my volume of sales?

  • If you are selling houses and have more properties than you do buyers, then good for you. Make sure that you have bought local ad slots on HGTV and other home improvement channels. People in the market to buy a house often have very recognizable trends, be sure to capitalize on them.

Is there a way to get more people to sell their property through my service?

  • When people are looking to sell their home they often do a litigious amount of research. To get your practice noticed first have a specialist review your SEO. This will help your company appear at the top of people’s google searches.

What is a new real estate tactic that will give my business an edge?

  • One new trend that is taking off is the use of 360 cameras to display real estate showings online. With advancements in technology 360 cameras are now highly affordable and they are a great way to make your business stand out.

Are billboards and out of home advertising methods still effective?

  • If you want people to know your name then they have to read it somewhere. Billboards and OoH marketing tactics are a great way to keep your company top of mind with consumers. To turn your audience’s awareness into actions be sure to have readily available information which can answer any questions that might be inhibitors of purchases.

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Software Development

How can I explain my services to new customers?

  • Explanations are often too long to be effective advertisements. If your service is complex, then give your audience an intriguing taste in your ads and follow up with in depth explanations using blog posts. This way you can grab their attention and convert it into sales.

What social media platform is best for me?

  • Each social media platform has its own unique advantages. When starting out it is best to make a tailored presence on each platform. Then after some time and research you can determine which social media site is gaining the most traction and divert your main ad spend there. Don’t stop posting to the other sites however, because even if they are not your number one platform they will still boost your company’s reputation.

What can I do to get a leg up over my competitors?

  • To ensure that your audience sees you before your competition, consult an SEO specialist. By optimizing your search engine algorithms you can make sure when people google questions related to your field that your company is at the top of the list. If your competitors are also using SEO strategies, then you can alway pay Google to be promoted above the rest.

Is there a way to increase consumers' trust in my company?

  • When people are nervous about trying something new they often look for reports from people who have tried it before. Having positive reviews of your service is a great way to earn trust from wary audience members. If the reviews don’t work, then try getting a journalist to write about your service in a related publication.

How can I prove my software works?

  • Reviews can also work for this, but an even better strategy is to record videos of your software in action. If a consumer can watch how your service is used, then they will feel more confident that it will work well for them. Video guides are also a great way to explain complex concepts.

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