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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

No matter how good your dental practice is - without the right marketing strategy, it can fail to acquire the patients it needs and ultimately fail financially. Even if you are the best dentist in town, it will not matter if your prospective patients are unaware of it. This article will illustrate the changing landscape of medical advertising and the pressing need for an omnichannel marketing strategy for your practice. The days of paying for an advertisement in the local Yellow Pages and calling it a day are long gone.

Dental marketing is a rapidly growing field. The results of a dental marketing survey conducted in 2020 by Dental Economics, examined the advertising budgets of over 6,000 dental practices in the United States. They found that between the years 2019 and 2020, there was a staggering increase in the amount of money dental practices were spending on marketing and advertising. In 2019 - over 67% of dental practices spent over 1% of their monthly revenue on marketing and advertising. In 2020 - this increased to over 88% of dental practices. Furthermore, in 2019 - less than 55% of dental practices spent more than $1,000 per month on marketing and advertising. In 2020, over 72% of dental practices were spending more than $1,000 per month on marketing and advertising. Finally, in 2019 - less than 14% of dental practices spent more than $5,000 per month on marketing and advertising. In 2020, over 27% of dental practices were spending more than $5,000 per month on marketing and advertising.1 With this impressive growth, a marketing and advertising strategy for your dental practice is no longer a nonessential boost for your business. Rather, it has become a vital necessity. When the competition everywhere is upping the ante, dental practices that don’t keep pace will lag behind and stagnate. If your dental practice fails to adapt to the changing business environment and stay ahead of the competition, it will eventually go out of business. Don’t let this happen. Work with 150birds.

Digital marketing has become an indispensable method for dentists to advertise their practices. Replacing traditional methods of advertising like newspapers and television, these days digital marketing is becoming “marketing.” Patients do their research and they do it online. Seeking to uncover how important digital marketing was to researching and selecting medical healthcare, Google partnered with Compete Inc to field over five-hundred researchers to conduct a study. They found that for choosing a medical provider, online marketing is the most significant part of the research process; 77% of patients used search engines in their research, 76% of patients used hospital websites, and 52% of patients used healthcare information sites. In contrast, offline methods of marketing and advertising were far less prevalent in the research process among the study’s participants - only 32% of patients utilized television to inform their selection, only 20% of patients utilized magazines, and only 18% of patients utilized newspapers.2 This study illustrates the impressive reach of digital marketing and just how much it is superseding traditional methods of advertising.

Knowing that a majority of your dental practice’s marketing efforts should be focused on the digital arena, 150birds will make your online presence monumental. We will craft your dental practice an impressive website that is sure to leave a good impression on your prospective patients with its aesthetic design, organized information, and easy navigation. We will build your dental practice an outstanding presence on social media and drive web traffic to your site with local search engine optimization and advertisements. We will also develop marketing strategies for your dental practice utilizing newsletters, emails, and postcards - attracting patients using every possible channel.

The study from Google and Compete Inc also demonstrated the impact that digital marketing had on patient acquisition. The research showed that 43% of hospital site visits are generated through the use of a search engine and that Google search engine advertisements led to a significant increase in the website traffic of the hospital being advertised, with 28% of people visiting the website of the hospital being advertised. Furthermore, 48% of prospective patients spent over two weeks researching potential options for their medical healthcare, and 61% of prospective patients visited two or more hospital websites before making their decision. This means that your prospective patients are not only researching dental practices through search engines and websites, it means that they are researching multiple dental practices through search engines and websites. If your dentistry practice is not being marketed effectively through its website and search engine, then your prospective patients will become the competition’s patients.

In order for your dental practice to thrive like it should, you need an effective marketing strategy. From identifying your target demographic, to artfully presenting your brand with a good website and logo, to producing well-written and attention-catching advertisements, to generating search engine results and website traffic from prospective patients in your community, we have got you covered. Collaborating with 150birds gives you an efficient and cutting-edge method of advertising your dental practice - all at a fraction of the cost you would pay for alternative methods. 150birds provides an end-to-end omnichannel marketing strategy that not only makes your dental practice more profitable, but also saves you the time, effort, and stress involved with running the advertising campaign yourself. Stop troubling yourself with the endless headache of marketing your own dental practice. Partner with 150birds, relax, and focus entirely on being a great dentist - all while attracting more patients than you can schedule!


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