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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

If you are anything like me, you probably know someone who considers themselves a freelancer. But the real question you probably have been asking yourself is, what exactly is a freelancer, and how do they offer value? Here is what working with a shared team of freelancers means and how they can benefit your business.

In the marketing industry, there are so many specialized roles that could run your costs through the roof if you tried to hire a specialist for each one. Whether you are looking for people with SEO skills, social media advertising expertise, or even auditing skills, hiring people in-house personnel with each of these specializations can increase your overhead. Hiring full-time employees come with onboarding costs, interviewing costs, benefits packages, and office space. Our model at 150birds provides businesses with the flexibility to increase or decrease team output on-the-go without being locked in for lengthy contracts.

One thing that businesses may consider taking then deciding between working with a team of freelancers versus bringing on a group of employees is the speed of the onboarding process. Hiring full-time employees require several interviews followed up by other onboarding activities, translating into higher costs. The entire process can take weeks, while your marketing issues are still unresolved. Alternatively, working with a shared team can save you money and time. Based on your needs, we compose the optimal team consisting of strategists and various other marketing specialists. Our teams are constructed, briefed, onboarded, and begin executing within 72 hours of the request. Your marketing message can have an immediate impact using significantly fewer company resources. Time is money!

An added benefit of working with our model is that freelancers bring a fresh set of eyes. It is quite natural for a company to fall into a routine and be resistant to change. There often may be opportunities for evident innovation, but without a fresh set of eyes, it can be challenging to capture. Bringing in a team of collaborative freelancers can help businesses achieve these value-creating opportunities and bring about innovation to outperform their competitors.

If your company is tinkering with resource allocation, working with freelance marketers is the most viable option. Here at 150birds, we offer the infrastructure to get you up and flying in this new world. We curate and deploy a team that matches your needs to and boost your digital presence and grows your revenue. Make sure to book a call to get in contact with us and see we can get you started with a shared team today! Check back next week for some insight into small business marketing, but until then, wings up my fellow birdies!

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