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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Bird's Eye View on the Company

At 150birds we are dedicated to bringing clients and marketing freelancers together. It is our aim to streamline the process of starting a marketing campaign, ultimately fulfilling the needs of our clients in a quick and convenient manner. To make this possible we are gathering a flock full of freelancers with a full assortment of marketing specializations. When clients come to us presenting their needs, we team them up with a group of freelancers who have the proper plumage to help them out.


How Roosting With 150birds Makes Your Life Easier

By joining our flock of freelancers the hassle of initial client interactions in your life will dissipate. We talk to all our clients first to lay out which services they need, what timelines they want, and the goals they hope to accomplish in their campaign. With that all taken care of, we introduce them to you. This means your client’s needs match the skills that we know you have. At 150birds, our flock doesn’t have to search for clients on their own, sell themselves, or explain why they should work on a campaign. Our clients know that with 150birds’ help, their team of freelancers have the specialized skills they need.

When our clients meet their team the winds of the campaign have already begun blowing. Instead of spending time selling yourself, you can immediately take to the sky, work your craft, and do what you are great at.

While flocking with 150birds you are able to have the schedule that you want and as many hours as you need. We send you multiple client offers and you get to pick and choose which of the projects you want to work on. Build your nest with us and you can fly whenever, wherever you like.


The Flight Path to Our Flock

Joining our flock of freelancers couldn’t be easier. Once you have finished reading this post click this link to our website. On our site you will be guided along a path to set up your account. During this process you will fill out all your skills, specializations , and experiences that will be used to match you with the clients who need you most. After your account is created an interview will be scheduled between you and a 150birds team member. They will connect with you to get a better understanding of who you are and where it is you hope to fly. After the interview is complete and your account is activated, all the steps are done! You are now part of our flock and clients will start soaring in!

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