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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

You can’t wear your favorite pink, polka dot suit to work – it’s too flashy. Nor can you work anywhere other than your designated, beige office desk. Your skills, personality, background, and interests are boiled down to just a label: “Copywriter”, “Art Director”, “Strategist”. That’s it.

Sounds like a nightmare, right? Working in restrictive environments strips your individuality. Traditionally, in the world of advertising, that’s how it’s been done. While this mindset is slowly shifting, having less freedom to do what you want causes more stress, especially when trying to uphold these unrealistic standards.

Companies should recognize what makes you unique and give you the breadth of tools and flexibility to compliment your work ethic. At 150birds, we celebrate your uniqueness. Our pool of talented freelancers has the ability to work where they want, apply to the projects that they want to work on, and get paid on their terms.

We streamline work and manage client engagement so that you can dive head-in with what you do best. You’ll be paired with other masterminds through our network of talented, global freelancers and become a part of dynamic teams! Projects are negotiated before you apply so that you can focus on creating stellar content.

The work is also as flexible as you are. Once your projects are approved, you can work on your own time, wherever you are. Since everything is organized and carried out through our platform, you can collaborate asynchronously with your teams and clients.

This isn’t just freelancing – it’s a whole new way to work. Your quick wit and novel solutions will be recognized beyond just a 3-month contract. Projects often turn into long-term ones as you build lasting client relationships and receive continuous service requests. How much time you want to put into each project is in your hands.

We think it’s better to go against the grain, so much so that we created. Work the way you work! Let’s break some traditions.

Written By: Emma Campanella

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