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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

150birds Platform Closed Beta Launch

Today is a remarkable milestone for the 150birds marketing technologies company. We are announcing the closed beta launch of our new platform. With it we hope to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their freelance marketing teams. This platform is actively being designed by a dedicated team who are working tireless to produce a polished product. Over the last year we have spoken with hundreds of small businesses and startups to assess what features they need the most. We now have a plan for how to meet those expectations.

At 150birds our service is faster, more convenient, and best of all at a lower price point than both digital marketing agencies and finding freelancers on your own. When you work with 150birds we take all the hassle and expense out of starting a new marketing endeavour. Our technicians will help find which services are right for you and then we’ll form the perfect team of freelancers for you to do your work.

If you would like to take part in using our new platform, reach out to us through our website. There is a limited number of beta users that we’re currently accepting so act quick to be placed at the top of our list!

How the Flock Got Started

The construction of 150birds was initiated by our CEO, Rick Koletavitoglu. He got his start in marketing 10 years ago and has kept up with monitoring the ever shifting trends in the field. Traditional media formats transitioned to digital platforms, and now digital platforms are being overtaken by social media sites. The ever present key to Rick’s success has been his ability to observe and adapt.

In 2018 Rick moved to Silicon Valley and began consulting for early startup companies. While working on their projects Rick formed a team of freelancers. He noticed as the requests were coming in, that these startups had common needs. As more and more companies began asking for his assistance Rick realized that there is a definite limit to what a single team is capable of producing. This is when the idea came to him for 150birds. His industry changing idea was to form a marketing service that would put multiple clients in touch with their own team of freelancers.

At the start of 2020 Rick set out to begin this new company. His first step was talking with potential clients in order to get a thorough understanding about what it is they needed most. After speaking with hundreds of business owners and making countless product iterations, Rick and his team are now ready to unveil their closed beta of the 150birds platform!

We Make Forming A Marketing Team Easy

The skies of the marketing world are vast. For a small business owner it can be difficult just figuring out where to start. Luckily 150birds is here to help. We have staff members on the ready who will be able to assist you in choosing where to begin marketing and in forming a new team.

At 150birds we don’t just make starting your marketing journey easier, we do it at a lower cost point than an ad agency. Our prices are straightforward, with no hidden fees and no questionable tactics. We make a team sized to your budget and tailored to your project requirements. An ad agency has a fixed team size, and while they are often skilled it is never certain that they will have a specialist in the exact field you are looking for. At 150birds we have a flock full of freelancers, each specializing in unique sectors of the marketing world. With us, your team will always be filled with the perfect members to complete your job.

If you are on your own, finding just one skilled freelancer is a difficult task. It can take up to ten active hours of searching online to come across a single freelancer with the background that matches your requirements. That doesn’t even cover the amount of time necessary to interview, test, and get to know the applicant. Multiply that by the size of the team that you need, and you get a challenge that is outrageously complex. Luckily with 150birds we take care of all that for you. We are constantly vetting and onboarding new freelancers to our flock, ensuring that we’ll have the right specialists for need possible. Within moments of your project being submitted our 150birds support team will be pooling together freelancers for your team.

To have your team made, submit your project details now!

The 150birds Platform at a Glance

While our new platform is slated to streamline your account creation, it currently is not available for incoming clients. However there is no need to fret about missing out, the 150birds website has the capability to get your new account started. Fill out the demo request form and one of our team members will help you along from there. If you act quickly our membership fees will be waived. This is a limited time offer, ask your 150birds specialist if it’s still in effect.

Once our platform opens, starting a project with 150birds couldn’t be easier. You will be able to sign in or make a new account. If you are a new client then after filling out your account information you will be able to start choosing which services you want fulfilled. Be selective with what you choose, each service requires a unique team to properly be executed. If you are uncertain about which service is best for you don’t worry, we have 150birds specialists who can help talk you through it.

When your project is formed, you can begin to get acquainted with the platform. The best place to start will be your active projects, underneath the services tag. Through the overview panel you will be able to see your project’s status, team progress, and expected monthly costs. If you have more than one project/ service going you can monitor them all from the project panel, selecting into each one to get more information.

After your team has been formed, you will be able to communicate with them directly through the 150birds platform. This feature will be accessible by going to the conference tab, selecting the person you want to message, and then just start writing. On this page you will also be able to make an appointment with individual team members for video calls, or when you go to the room panel you will have the option to invite multiple team members to an event.

Our Platform Supports Multiple Industries

If you aren’t convinced that 150birds is the service for you, compare yourself to these business models that benefit the most from 150birds. Each sector of business has corresponding marketing tactics. These examples may not be exactly what your company needs, but our 150birds specialists will be able to help talk you through which services are best suited for your industry.

Up first are restaurants. Given the current marketplace, restaurants who don’t have a digital presence are at a devastating disadvantage. Covid has shut the doors of countless restaurants, and those who have managed to remain open have had to shift focus to take-out and delivery. To help them 150birds has improved their websites, made social media accounts, and placed geo-targeted ads in their cities. To learn about cloud kitchens and more marketing techniques for restaurants click here.

Next we have B2B businesses. Even these businesses have been affected by Covid-19. There are now fewer in person conferences where connections can be made. To make up for lost ground, B2B businesses have been needing direct methods of client acquisition with email outreach, highly informative blog posts, and journalist articles. These methods allow for the audience to make informed decisions, which is essential for the large purchases that B2B requires.

The last business model is subscription services like the Dollar Shave Club. These businesses are still very new to the consumer marketplace, and more of them are popping up each day. Their marketing spend is best focused on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, though if they are design orientated Pinterest is also highly viable. For more information about the benefits and functions of social media platforms you can read this post. On these platforms brand cultivation is key. They also benefit greatly from influencer referrals, where they get social media stars to hype up their subscriptions.

If you want to know more about what 150birds can do for you, make an account and reach out to one of our specialists. Account creation and consultation is free of charge, don’t hesitate on getting started. Click Here to begin your journey!

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