The New Era of Marketing

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

A Look into the Marketing Landscape

Technological advancements are helping the world go through a new revolution and changing the way people work. One area seeing many of these advancements is marketing. Technology has taken hold of the marketing world and allowed marketers to blend their old techniques with the new digital sphere, which has emerged over the last decade. These changes let the marketing industry to go through a revolutionary golden age, much like the film and comic book industries experienced during the 20th century. However, change has occurred to the MarTech landscape, and, according to Scott Brinker of Chiefmartech the industry is transitioning into a second golden age of MarTech that will change the way, marketing is done. This new age of MarTech is one that 150birds is uniquely qualified to handle and help your business grow in.

Software as a Service

Brinker claims that as we move into the future, a blended software and services method will become the norm. As a client looks through the available software to use for their marketing needs they will also see that many of these software/app platforms are also service providers. These apps help with growing the marketing company’s business but also allow the marketing company to be involved in providing services to the client from an all-in-one platform. One of the ways software and services blend is through different structures like a heavily managed marketplace. This blending of software and service can only exist in the ecosystem of today’s world because the common platform allows to acquire clients and service the client from one simple area instead of jumping through multiple platforms.

By blending software and services, it will make it easier to focus on the client’s needs. By getting to know clients better and servicing their needs in one place, marketing companies will better understand what they need to improve their work quality. In addition to improving quality, getting to know the customer better will allow the cost of goods sold to decrease as essential parts of the service all customers need become automated and will not need to keep being reinvented.

By knowing clients better, hybrid platform and service providers will tailor solutions for each client. 150birds has developed a formulaic method that quickly understands marketing requirements and generates the optimal plan for each specific use case. The first step is to engage the client. The second step is to explore. 150birds talks with the client and explores the needs of the client to help build the correct team. We then engage the client with the perfect team for their needs and help them to sell their business through our marketing expertise. After this, the cycle iterates.

Our formulaic approach ensures the optimal marketing plan and team for all businesses.

The Future Shift of the Ecosystem

New ecosystems of work in MarTech are beginning to emerge. According to Brinker, these ecosystems combine marketing cloud suites and best-of-breed point solutions into an open platform structure. This transition to a blended open platform structure has almost been completed and platform ecosystems are the way of the present and future because these platform apps both complement and integrate into the existing ecosystem of the MarTech service. This will allow advancements of clients to access their marketing on-demand via a cloud platform from anywhere and at any time. Gone are the days of strict appointment scheduling and rigid structure that can be a hassle. In are the new ways of on-demand marketing services.

This new ecosystem also has a direct effect on the way the economy is changing for the freelance workforce as well.

The ecosystem of the work economy is shifting from a gig economy to a knowledge-based economy. This knowledge-based economy places an emphasis on value created through knowledge instead of tangible goods, which makes freelancer work an attractive option for many. This is because freelancers, especially in the marketing field, work in a way to bring ideas to life rather than create a tangible object.

A large group of people in all age ranges have decided to work freelance, especially younger people just entering the workforce. Only 29% of those above 55 years of age work in a freelance job. However, that number increases to 53% among those 18-22, or Generation X. Gen X is a driving force behind the freelance workspace replacing traditional employment in the modern age. Many of those in Gen X value the independence and flexibility of working as a freelancer in the knowledge-based economy. The cloud-based system of modern software makes it so freelancers can do work on their schedule, which is attractive to young people.

How 150birds Fits Into the Future

150birds can help your business advance in the second golden age of MarTech because 150birds is structured to fit with the themes of the second golden age. 150birds fits the new ecosystem of the second golden age by allowing for an all-in-on experience for the client. In one location the client can customize their marketing team, discuss tasks and progress with the team, and track their growth. The cloud features of the 150birds service allow clients to access their marketing team anywhere at any time, a key component of services that advance during the second golden age. The customizable ability is not just on 150birds end, but also on the client’s end. The client can customize their marketing team and scale their team up or down at any moment to ensure they have what they need to succeed.

Why would you ever use a marketing service that does not understand and use MarTech to fit the new golden age? Use 150birds unique blend of marketing experience and on-demand technology to advance your business into the modern age at a low price. Sign up for a free marketing proposal today!

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