The Media Outreach project is a recurring effort to establish relationships with relevant media connections as a means to increase brand awareness, produce conversions, and increase the company’s SEO profile It consists of effective PR, establishing relationships, reaching out to journalists, creating the content.

Public Relations

Public Relations

You’ll Be Getting

Create a PR plan based on your goals

Create a press release to highlight your company

Report on earned media value

Why you need 

What's included in this service

Once you are done with this package, we recommend these as a follow -up:

1. Your story / Press Release
    • Strategic guidance to craft the right PR plan / Map your awareness goals to a PR plan

    • Interviews with members of your organization to understand the goals

    • Define topics with a current edge

    • Company bio and social media profile

We recommend getting these services done before this one:


Once you are done with this package, we recommend these as a follow-up:

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