2-4 Weeks

Your brand needs a visual identity which is based on a color palette, font guidelines, your logo, and other visual elements that relate to your brand. Having a visual identity written out as a style guide is crucial for web design, social media, and marketing campaigns. Your style guide will make it easy to retain a consistent look and feel for your brand across everything you create and post.

Visual Identity

Visual Identity

You’ll Be Getting

Brand logo design or redesign

Brand guidelines

Branded templates for things like social media and emails

Why you need 

What's included in this service

Once you are done with this package, we recommend these as a follow -up:

1. Logo Design/Redesign
    • We create three versions of your logo

    • You review them and give feedback

    • We refine one version

    • You review that one more time

    • We make final revisions

We recommend getting these services done before this one:


Brand Personality

Strategy Audit

Once you are done with this package, we recommend these as a follow-up:

Value Proposition

Audience Segmentation

Customer Journey

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