Market Research

Get a better understanding of where your brand stands in comparison to your competitors and how it 

differentiates so that we can most effectively create strategies that attract users to your brand. 


From doing a brainstorming session to providing you with a detailed implementation plan, calendar, and budget, we make sure you’ll make the most of every dollar you spend, and actually get new paying customers.


Whether you’re starting from scratch and need a name for your brand, a logo and brand messaging, or you just want templates for your business cards, we’ll make sure you have a brand identity that’s consistent and valuable.

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We build your video crew in hours, whether you just need a camera operator for half a day or need a full crew to tell an intricate story. Whatever it is, we’ll create a video you’ll be proud to showcase everywhere.


Online content is becoming increasingly visual, and so should your marketing. If you need beautiful images of your products to put on your website or want a photographer to cover your event, we have a solution for you.


Distributing valuable content to your prospective customers and shareholders is still one of the best ways to get your message through. Infographics, blogs, white papers, brochures, banners, we do it all.


We create the structure of your website, design it, set up your server, develop your pages and can even make training videos enabling you to make your own changes. We can also just help you optimize what you already have.


From researching the best events for you to attend, organizing event logistics, managing email marketing campaigns or implementing online ad campaigns, we help you communicate with potential customers content won’t reach.


Social media is an essential tool for communicating with existing customers and reaching new customers. We can help you manage your social media accounts to maximize engagement on all popular platforms.


What others are saying


Jim Rocchio, Kailash Concepts


150birds has been a wonderful marketing partner. They fully understand our ecommerce goals and work diligently to help foster our online growth.  They have demonstrated to be incredibly kind and deeply knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise and we found their pricing to be uniquely thoughtful driving a tremendous amount of value back to their partners.


We chose to work with 150birds because they provided incredible customized services and seemed to know exactly what we were looking for and what we were asking for. And so far, they’ve been incredibly responsive and we were satisfied with the work.

Karim Bishay, Zomes


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Amber Logan, AXEnAYLEE


150birds was instrumental in our website revamp.  From helping AXEnAYLEE amplify our brand voice to choosing the most effective website theme and colors, and providing ongoing, and timely back-end support, they continue to avail themselves to AXEnAYLEE's PR needs. 

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