You need to stand out from the competition. Creating a strong, simple value proposition is key. Your value proposition is the key thing you want customers to know about you. You can’t ask people to remember too many things. Think about it like catching balls—it’s easy to catch one, but very hard to catch multiple at once.


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Why you need Value Proposition

Value Proposition

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You’ll be getting:


Value Proposition Canvas


Brand Manifesto and Value Proposition creation


Customer Validation

What's included in this service:

1. Create VP Canvas
  • Interview 3 customers about your company value​

  • Use the Value Proposition Canvas and define customer pains and gains 

  • Working session with your team to present your VP canvas


We recommend getting these services done before this one:



Brand Personality

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Visual Identity

Once you are done with this package, we recommend these as a follow-up:

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Customer Journey


Content Strategy

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Audience Segmentation