Case Studies


Hand Crafted, Earth Friendly Bioceramic Domes

Zomes is an innovative company that is building the next generation of eco-friendly outdoor structures. Zomes was created by Karim Bishay, a pioneer in adaptive organization styles, to create a naturally efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and thermally superior building structure. After building these ceramic structures as a hobby, Karim decided to commercialize his structures and needed a partner to take Zomes to market.


New product launch

Zomes is a uniquely positioned product, a structure that isn't easily breakable nor requires maintenance, with an expected lifetime to endure continuous wear and tear for up to 500 years. Zomes wanted to understand the younger demographic's thought of its brand to best position the launch of its new website. 


Market research and website development

We issued a research survey to college students to better understand their perception of the product and brand and moved on to designing their new website. 


What we achieved

Through 4 months of working together, 150birds ran multiple surveys to understand the buyer personas, which led to the development of the new website. As a result, we've seen a growing number of sales forms submitted and expect numbers to continuously grow as we move past the early adoption phases of this new platform. 

  • 77% increase in avg. time spent on site

  • 32% decrease in bounce rate

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