Case Studies

Kailash Concepts

Behavioral Finance, Portfolio Strategy & Quantamental Tool Kits

Have you ever struggled to pick what stock to invest in as a portfolio manager? Founded in 2010 by a team with over 70 years of money management experience, this behavioral finance and portfolio strategy company was founded to end that frustration. Kailash prides itself on delivering its portfolio managers with independent and data-driven analysis to provide valuable insight into the investment process. In November 2020, Kailash decided to transition into a subscription business model and broaden its offering from institutional fund managers to retail investors. Kailash partnered with 150birds to transition their business into a subscription model, increase brand awareness among retail investors, and grow their subscriber base. 


Changing business models

Kailash had traditionally sold exclusively to institutional funds, which paid copious amounts to get access to their independent and data-driven analysis. With investing in the stock market accessible to retail investors, Kailash wanted to communicate to a younger demographic and transition from an "agency" model to a "subscription" model. 150birds made a game plan to accelerate their growth, not just through paid acquisition but through email drip campaigns for onboarding new users and upselling their basic and premium plans. We changed the subscriptions page content and revamped the homepage highlighting key value propositions, which has led to an increase in conversion rates. 


Holistic marketing strategy and team

We started by understanding the objectives of Kailash Concepts, crafted a marketing plan, and then assembled a team of specialists to get the job done. The team was managed by analytics and paid acquisition specialist and aided by a copywriter and designer. Through a mix of paid ads, we grew their Twitter and LinkedIn following week-over-week while generating traffic. We also optimized their website to increase conversion rates and utilized email marketing to nurture and convert visitors to paid subscribers. 

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What we achieved

Through 9 months of working together, 150birds increased revenue and conversion rates through a mix of services from conversion rate optimization, paid acquisition across multiple social channels, community building, email marketing, and website enhancements. 


Thanks to 150birds's collaboration platform and specialist team of freelancers, these campaigns generated increased online sales from $0 to a growing number of paid subscribers and also institutional prospects who are willing to spend thousands of dollars a month for their enterprise package.


  • 502% growth in online sales

  • $3.22 ROAS