Get a marketing team,
get it done.

150birds provides a cost-efficient, flexible model that gives small businesses & startups access to on-demand marketing teams.

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Why work with us?
(We've created a better model)

Agencies charge 3x more

Agency based solutions place such high importance on their brand and lack transparency in their process, which drives up the price and creates both perceived and real barriers to entry.

10x faster than freelancers

We build and manage your team based on your individual needs. We do the work for you. There’s no need for you to find and assemble individual freelancers into a team. Our model is efficient and scalable.

90% cheaper than in-house hiring

Full-time employees require office space, equipment, insurance, payroll taxes, benefits, and other additional costs beyond salaries, and these resources aren’t flexible.


Get Started

Meet a Strategist

Tell us what you need and we’ll match you with the optimal team.

Get a Team

We curate the perfect team for you and they propose strategies to execute on your goals.

Grow Revenue

Watch your team execute the strategy, provide feedback, and grow your business

All the benefits of an agency,

without the BS. 

At 150birds, you’ll have a full team of marketing experts at your disposal, and you become the marketing director. We provide you with the strategy and guidance that you need to thrive, and you call the shots. Our unique platform makes marketing strategy and projects simple and easy to manage.

All-in-one platform

Manage your entire marketing program in one place while monitoring your projects and communicating with your team.

Access your team from anywhere

Chat with your team on the go anywhere, anytime. Build a long term relationship with your team through consistent communication.

Asynchronous communication

Check on your projects when you have the time. When you send a message or assign a new project, your team will respond in about one business day.

We're flexible

We serve small businesses, startups, and other brands in various capacities. As your needs change you can scale up or down at no additional cost.

Pay by the hour

Pay by the hour if you need more.

Info for Freelancers

Join our community to get consistent pay through long term project work while building relationships and improving skills.

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