Frequently Asked Questions

Our membership program provides complete transparency and flexibility. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that new members ask at the beginning of the relationship.

Projects & Strategy

Does your team guide our marketing strategy?

We provide unlimited strategic guidance. First, we start by crafting a strategy and help you select the right services. Your marketing needs changes may change as we run more experiments. We will always be there to provide customer support and provide suggestions for the best tactics for you to accomplish your goals.

How do I assign new marketing projects?

Currently, if you would like to add a new service to your marketing package, you will need to speak with one of our 150birds specialists. They will help determine what you hope to accomplish and who you need to be added to your team to get the job done in your timeframe.

What marketing projects are best for my business?

Each business type has unique services that best suit their needs. In general, a good place to start your marketing is with identifying your customer personas. With this service, you will get a breakdown of who your target audience is, what your competitors are doing, and what the overall trends of your marketplace are looking like.

How does the team keep my marketing project coordinated?

Just like a in-house marketing department, all your projects are organized and coordinated by a dedicated marketing manager. Your marketing manager is in the loop on all project activities, providing our team with guidance and support to keep projects coordinated and on-schedule. Most of the marketing manager’s activities occur behind the scenes. You will see the impact of their work in the smooth execution of projects and the fluid collaboration between teams. Your marketing manager will also collaborate with you within projects when additional coordination or collaboration is needed.

Team & Approach

Who will be working on my projects?

Depending on the size of your budget and your timeframe, the number of team members you have will vary. By consulting with our 150birds specialists, your team will be filled by experts in the service fields you select. For more information about the types of freelancers found in the 150birds’ flock, stay tuned for our blog post “The Different Feathers of Freelancers.”

How do the teams understand my business?

Our freelancers have been in the industry for some time, so they will probably have a good grasp of your business sector. However, each business has unique selling points that make them special. If there is something about your business that you would like to highlight, be sure to let your teams know.

Where can I view samples and case studies?

As of now, 150birds have not produced an in-depth case study. If you would like to get to know us better, you can read the blog posts on our site, and you can follow us on social media with Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

How much of my own time should I plan to dedicate?

You get out what you put in. Our service is designed to make starting your marketing projects easier. Once your project is up and running, it’s on you to determine how hands on you want to be with it. If you have a vision in your mind about where you want things to go, we recommend regularly contacting your team to express your thoughts and ideas. Our vetted freelancers are very good at what they do, so if you want to sit back and let them handle it, we understand that.

Collaboration & Transparency

How do I collaborate within projects?

The new 150birds Platform is actively being built. With it, you will be able to communicate with all your team members directly and schedule regular meetings. For the time being, 150birds is primarily using Slack and Google for collaboration functions. If you would like help reaching a member of your team, please talk to one of our 150birds specialists.

Can I call the team via phone anytime?

The freelancers supplied by 150birds are often working on multiple projects and have daily lives away from their computers. You can reach out to your team members individually with messages, schedule 1on1 calls, or make group events. We recommend messaging first and then scheduling a call that fits into everyone’s calendar. Our flock is dedicated to providing the best service possible. If there is ever a recurring issue, please call us.

How do I track hours and set expectations?

All the freelancers are introduced to you before being added to your team so that you can assess that they are a good fit. Once formed, you can communicate with your team in real time 24/7. Each project is individually scoped with cost estimates and timelines set prior to beginning any work. This means there will never be any surprises and your team will know exactly what your expectations are. Our membership platform also provides a real-time view into the activity of your team as they work, along with frequent updates on projects and the ability to collaborate directly with the members of your team who are executing projects.

Who are my curated team members?

Your team will be built specifically for your needs. If you want a new or updated website, we will pair you with UX Designers and SEO Experts. If you would like to increase your followers on Instagram, your team will consist of Social Media Superstars. At 150birds, we do our best to fill your team with specialists that are tailored to meet your goals.

Do I own the work and source files?

All work and related files are owned by you as part of your membership with 150birds. While many agencies withhold source files associated with project work or ownership of the website, our members will always own all of the work produced by their team, including source files, websites, and any related documents. The practice of agencies withholding source files or maintaining ownership over a client’s websites is simply a method of creating barriers to prevent them from transitioning away from their service. At 150birds we believe that this practice is ethically unsound and is a disservice to small businesses.

Terms & Billing

How are membership fees and additional hours billed?

Our membership comes with unlimited strategic guidance from your marketing team. Project work is billed on an hourly rate that is based on the seniority level of your team. Membership fees and additional project hours are processed on the first day of each month via credit or debit card payment. All project hours are approved upfront and you have access to view project hours reports in real-time, keeping you in the loop on project activity as it happens.

Is there a minimum membership term?

Any member can cancel at any time, without a penalty, and with no questions asked. We understand that small businesses often need to shift gears quickly, so we believe that it is important to give our members the option to cancel their 150birds membership anytime without penalty. It is also important for our teams to have stable relationships with our members. In order to discourage members from frequently stopping and starting their membership, when you cancel your membership you must wait at least six months before restarting your project.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

You will receive a marketing plan and strategic guidance for the first 14 days of membership without any financial risk. We understand that small businesses often need to shift gears quickly, so we believe that it is important to give our members the option to cancel their 150birds membership anytime without penalty. It is also important for our team to have stable relationships with our members. To discourage members from frequently stopping and starting their membership, if you cancel membership you must wait at least six months to restart.

What are the costs for specific projects?

Project costs and timelines are in your control and all work is approved upfront through an estimation process. Check out our Pricing Page to view estimates and timelines associated with commonly assigned projects. When you assign a new project to your team, you will have the opportunity to include the due date along with the number of hours approved for the project. Before beginning work, our team will collaborate with you to ensure that the allocated hours and timeline are appropriate for the project scope. All project work is approved upfront so that there are never any billing surprises.

Are there discounts for non-profit organizations?

We provide a 5% for all registered non-profit organizations. Our team values the work of the non-profit sector and takes special pride in helping support those who dedicate their time to the causes that they believe in. A 5% discount is automatically applied to all invoices for registered non-profit organizations. To redeem this discount, please sign up for membership and mention your NPO status during your new member orientation call. Once confirmed, the 5% credit will be applied to your initial membership fee and all subsequent invoices.

Is there a white-label program for agencies?

Yes, our team supports consultants and agencies through our partner program. You may view details associated with our partner program for marketing consultants and agencies at this link.

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