About us

We curate our teams based on the unique needs and budgets of each specific business. Our freelancers are comprised of highly qualified marketers to your marketing program runs smoothly. You can either get a custom marketing strategy or purchase any one of our 30+ packages directly. 

Hello, I am Rick, Founder of 150birds


As a former marketing consultant and as someone who built and managed marketing teams for more than 10 years, I have learned a few things: 


  • There is a growing number of channels and it requires a team to stay on top of

  • You need specialists for every new channel, but these can be difficult find and retain

  • The process lacks transparency which leads to misalignment in teams


I founded 150birds to take the headache out of your day, so that you can get back to focusing on your business. Finally a simply, affordable solution that makes marketing accessible to all businesses.

Get 30 minutes of free marketing advice from Rick - no strings attached


Imagine a world where every single business is given free access to expert level marketing guidance and execution. We believe that good marketing can change the world for the better.


To help creatives find better, more meaningful work, and businesses achieve their marketing goals through affordable and high quality services.
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Founded in San Francisco, built remotely.

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