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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

COVID-19 has changed the way many businesses operate, especially in the food and restaurant industry. Many establishments have had to transition most or all of their business to takeout and delivery based services. With this change, the model of a cloud kitchen, a more asynchronous model of business, was adopted. A cloud kitchen may be the perfect model to launch or adapt your restaurant to the changing world. However, this unique business model needs unique marketing strategies to gain customers in the new format and a marketing organization that understands the industry. That is why all cloud kitchens need a marketing service, like 150birds, to help grow and promote their business for the modern era.

What is a Cloud Kitchen?

A cloud kitchen provides a unique model for running a restaurant. They can be as simple as switching an existing restaurant to a delivery friendly structure or can be run out of a kitchen space that may be shared kitchen space with multiple businesses operating in it. This allows restaurant owners to open up the business without having a physical, dine-in location, which reduces costs to about 1/5th of the cost to open a restaurant. Cloud kitchens do not have to worry about rent, labor costs, and dining areas, which allows them to place a higher emphasis on producing top quality food in this asynchronous model. Cloud kitchens rely on user data from users of many delivery services and apps so that the cloud kitchen owner knows what foods are most popular at what time. Many restaurants that transition to this model use it to test and try new ideas to see what will work for their business.

Growth has already occurred in the cloud kitchen market and is expected to continue at a rapid pace. By 2025, those in the space expect food delivery and cloud kitchens to become a $200 million industry. However, Uber, which has become a major player in the food delivery and cloud kitchen space, expects the industry to become an almost $800 million industry by the same time. With the pandemic occurring and the state of government regulations over restaurants, many restaurants can only serve in the delivery space, leading this to be a market for many businesses thinking about transitioning.

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The cloud kitchen model also comes with several benefits, according to Oracle. These businesses usually have lower costs and are cheaper to open because there are less staff and no need to buy a brick and mortar location or do maintenance on the front of the house. This creates a lower barrier to entry for those that want to enter the food industry while providing better efficiency since owners can optimize kitchens for speed and better prepare food if they run multiple services out of one central location. They can also change and adapt menus more efficiently since they are online.

Some powerful companies have already entered and have achieved success in the cloud kitchen model. Uber has started to roll them out in India and China to great success. Virtual Kitchen Co. launched in the San Francisco Bay area in 2019 and optimized several delivery only kitchens throughout the region. They have since opened more. Finally, DoorDash Kitchens launched to help many existing restaurants transition and scale their business to the cloud kitchen model.

Even with all the many benefits of a cloud kitchen, one potential drawback is marketing it. Owners cannot generate demand to a cloud kitchen like a traditional restaurant. With this model, marketing depends on new tactics and strategies, like competing for a presence on a delivery app, or optimizing a website for more business, and an online marketing strategy. These can seem like daunting tasks. However, a modern marketing service, like 150birds, can be used to effectively market your cloud kitchen while keeping your marketing costs low at the same time.

150birds Services

150birds is an asynchronous marketing service that allows clients to act as their own marketing director and direct their marketing tasks on their own time. Unlike marketing agencies, which can cost upwards of $20,000, per month 150birds prides itself on being a marketing provider that can fit all businesses’ needs and budgets, enabling clients to save on rent and labor. Unlike other marketing services, 150birds does not charge a monthly retainer or require an annual contract. Our freelancer network is heavily vetted and trained on executing our process and does not rely on the typical internet rating system that anybody can use.

150birds guides and executes all of the marketing requirements of a cloud kitchen along their marketing journey. It all starts with our simple onboarding process, where the client can build their marketing foundation. They can choose from various services and even phone a specialist to make sure they have a plan in place to fit the marketing needs of their cloud kitchen. However, just like the needs of a restaurant change, 150birds understands that marketing needs change. That is why 150birds allows our clients to scale up and down as they require more or less marketing to ensure the client has the services they need at their disposal. Our unlimited strategic guidance will always be there to help the client fully realize their marketing potential and make the right choices to grow and nurture their business along the way.

150birds can provide any new or existing cloud kitchen with the marketing services it needs to compete in this field. 150birds can provide various services that all cloud kitchens need. One example is website optimization and SEO. A cloud kitchen needs a visible and easy to use the website so it does not just depend on third-party apps for business. 150birds can create the perfect website so your cloud kitchen can stand out. A second service 150birds can provide cloud kitchens is reputation management. All cloud kitchens need a good reputation to drive in business, especially since they do not have a centralized brick and mortar store. Customers will be more likely to look them up online to see if their services are worth the price. Another critical service 150birds can offer social media and PR advertising and outreach. An online business model needs online advertising to get the word out or talk about transitioning to a delivery model. 150birds works with marketing experts to fit your advertising needs on your schedule.

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If you have recently started, or are thinking about transitioning your business to a cloud kitchen, do not wait to get marketing help. Your marketing and mindset cannot be like it was in the traditional model. 150birds provides low-cost, high-quality marketing solutions to promote your business in its digital format and help you guide your business to success. Visit our website today to get a free marketing proposal and watch 150birds help you take your cloud kitchen to the next level!

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