Unbundling the Marketing Workspace

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

So you want to work as a freelancer or create a startup. The biggest step in transitioning from a traditional workplace environment to a self-employment workplace is the unbundling of work.

Unbundling is the process of splitting large, shallow sectors of the economy (marketplaces) into smaller, focused, profitable pieces. One example of this is the unbundling of Craigslist, where the shortcomings of horizontal platforms gave way to the emergence of vertical platforms focused on specific employment functions. Horizontal platforms have an open industry approach to business development while vertical platforms focus on specific industries.

Services like marketing are more nuanced than product or sales, so traditional employment has taken longer to unbundle. There are a lot of barriers when it comes to unbundling work. And the traditional models are increasingly becoming obsolete as more people are working in a digital environment. At 150birds we’re unbundling the marketing agency and reimagining the marketing function within the corporate structure. Due to the highly collaborative nature of the marketing function, we have created a model that automatically generates the optimal marketing team based on a variety of inputs provided by the business. Our platform provides freelancers who are specialized in a variety of creative roles to be matched with meaningful long-term projects, with the goal of providing a steady stream of work so that it can financially become the equivalent of a full-time job.

It’s never been easier to start your own business in a digital environment, and small business looks different now compared to pre-COVID-19. Things are moving online at an accelerated pace, and our model provides all businesses from micro to enterprise a flexible and scalable alternative to working with either an agency, marketplace or hiring in-house. This is the perfect time for businesses to reevaluate their resource allocation and seek resource-efficient models for unbundling work from employment through deep job platforms. One of the benefits of unbundling vertically is businesses eliminate overhead and optimize for a lean and agile workforce.

150birds is one of the platforms that use the vertical strategy of unbundling work, which means that we focus on creating a platform for making marketing accessible to all businesses while creating multi-income streams for freelancers specialized in a variety of creative areas. As a vertical strategy platform, freelancers can both communicate with their clients and team members at any time as well as provide opportunities for team relationship building. Our platform also handles payments on both ends, making taxes easier for both clients and creatives. Clients pay the 150birds platform directly for our services and we pay the freelancers.

150birds also disrupts the marketing agency model by blending the self-service platform with managed services. Freelancers don’t need to actively search for leads, because we match freelancers with clients they are best suited to work with. To do this, freelancers apply to projects they’re interested in, and our AI curates the optimal teams of freelancers based on their skills, reputation score, and experience. This will provide our community of freelancers with stability as they can do quality work for multiple long term projects in one place. Freelancers can plug into our platform and get placed on projects they have an affinity towards while allowing them to retain both flexibility and artistic integrity.

Employment at a company is a bundle of work, and enabling that shift from traditional employment to self-employment means creating a platform that unbundles that work and makes everything easier for both the client and the freelancer. With so many qualified people looking for work, 150birds is the perfect place to start team projects and make freelancing more convenient and stable than ever.

If you’re looking for flexible marketing work join our slack community. If you’re in search of a marketing team, get started by scheduling a call with our team today.

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